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For the past 20 years the team at South Dakota Wild has been dedicated to the mission of providing a quality South Dakota wild pheasant experience at an affordable price.

These Dakota pheasant hunts are not about fancy lodging, guides and professional dog handlers. They are designed to provide hunters who know how to hunt wild pheasants a private, quality experience without the hassle of making hotel reservations, knocking on doors or trying to find uncrowded public land.

Being pheasant hunters ourselves, we select farms based on quality cover, good crops and natural habitat, we then manage them by only hunting them three days at a time with a four day rest in between.

We make all the reservations for lodging and leave the meals up to the hunters. If you are looking for a private, quality hunt for wild pheasants in South Dakota at a low cost, South Dakota Wild is right for you.

We handle the details, so you can concentrate on the hunt.

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